Fire is used as a potent descriptor — fires of passion, fires of warmth, the light of a fire leading the way — these are all good things, but there is one way in which we of Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy would see fire as a very negative thing. When you have a fiery pain running in your back, you desperately need to get see your chiropractor in Edmonds, WA or in Lynnwood, WA.

Pain is not a feeling that we want to live with, especially when it is sharp, hot discomfort in our bones, joints, muscles, back and neck. When you are in need of spinal decompression in Edmonds, then you should know that there is no one who wants to soothe your discomfort like our staff at Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy. We offer respite and relief with peripheral neuropathy treatment and sciatica treatment.

To avoid pain, go to the group that is here to aid you in all of your pain and difficulty. With professional care and a group that is striving always to make sure that you are as well as possible, there is no reason why you cannot feel at your best.

The summation is that when you find that you are in pain and in need of help to get yourself back to a better state, there is one group of persons that holds to the desire to make you well, and more so than anyone else. We are Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy, and we strive to make you well.