Relief for Chronic Joint Pain

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About Chronic Joint Pain

Despite what many patients who suffer from chronic joint pain have been told, addictive painkillers and invasive surgery may not be your only options to treat injuries and degenerative joint conditions. New, regenerative treatments could get you back to an active life with less pain, without the risks and recovery time from surgery.

At Olympic Spine and Sound Pain Solutions, we help patients avoid knee, hip shoulder, elbow, wrist ankle, and even back surgery with safe and effective treatments that can reduce joint pain and restore mobility and strength. All of our treatments are drug-free and non-surgical.

Do You Have Chronic Joint Pain?

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Mark Shelley, DC DACNB, explains our treatment

Our treatment procedures are provided or directed by naturopathic physicians and chiropractic doctors with advanced training and certification.

Joint pain conditions we have been able to help:

  • Foot/Knee
  • Hip/shoulder
  • Elbow/wrist: Carpal Tunnel

Our Approach to Treatment

To treat chronic joint pain, the providers at Olympic Spine & Sound Pain Solutions take a comprehensive look at all the factors that contribute to your condition. Often, taking a systems approach using multiple therapies, produces results where traditional, single-focused treatments fail. And we do it without the use of prescription drugs or surgery!

Treatment may include:

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To learn more about how we help patients find relief and regain the ability to do activities they enjoy, access our chronic joint pain relief report.

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“Now I can put my own socks on and walk normally! My wife and I even joined a gym!”

“Since 2010, I’ve had pain in my right hip including sciatic pain that radiated down my entire right side. This was from years of being an umpire and traveling. Last December, after officiating a basketball game, my pain was so intense my wife had to put my socks on.”

“My wife heard about Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy on the radio and encouraged me to give it a try. By the end of the first week, I felt better. I’ve been able to reduce my pain medication, which is huge. I’m able to work for longer periods of time, even squat to work with catchers. My wife is really excited that I listened to her suggestion to come to Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy.”

– Brian H., Everett

“Now I can go up and down stairs, ride my bike, and I’m back to hiking!”

“For a year and a half, I had sharp pain in both my knees. Going up and down stairs was very painful. I could no longer run. Before coming to Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy, I worked with an Orthopedic doctor, a Spine Specialist, my General Medical doctor, a Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist and a Podiatrist.”

“I started to notice a difference within the first couple months of treatment. Now I can go up and down stairs, ride my bike and I’m back to hiking! My outlook on life also has improved. The realization that I’m not restricted due to a decline in health is a big relief. The staff is very personable, friendly and caring. Every department knows how to work together as part of the team.”

– Troy H., Snohomish

“The pain is largely gone, and the range of motion has greatly improved.”

“I’m 71 years old and have been in avid athlete all my life. I started experiencing pain in both of my shoulders that was bothersome. By the first of 2019, the symptoms had become debilitating, causing constant pain from my shoulders to my hands. I started treatment at Olympic Spine and Sport in late January 2019. By the end of April, I was over 90% improved! The pain is largely gone, and the range of motion has greatly improved. Now I’m back on the squash and pickle ball courts and in the weight room.”

– Jay D., Edmonds

“It’s crazy how much it has improved!”

“I used to hate my shoulder workout days. Before, when I lifted weights, my left shoulder limited what I could do. I could tell it didn’t match my right side. Now, I’m 95% better. It’s crazy how much it has improved! My back and neck are better, too. My x-rays showed I reduced the misalignment from 45 mm to just 8 mm. I’m so thankful I did this treatment.”

– Fillip G., Everett

“I no longer experience any pain”

“I came to Olympic with lower back pain, nerve pain radiating down my leg, and significant muscle atrophy. My symptoms were so bad I couldn’t pick anything up or play with my kids. All my daily life activities were down to 5% of what I could normally do. The pain was debilitating to say the least. I had tried massage, stretching, exercise, icing and rest with only brief relief. Within a couple weeks of starting treatment, I felt better. I no longer experience any pain, can ski, spring out of bed, workout and pick up my kids. Best of all I can do all of these and no longer need to worry about what is going to happen to my back. The staff at Olympic listens to understand not just to respond. They present solutions and give tools to each patient unique to them to help them get better.”

– Doug K., Edmonds

“I was sure I would soon be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life”

“I had horrible pain in both knees, especially the right one. They said the cartilage was gone. I went to physical therapy, which worked for a few months, but then the pain came back. My husband had seen Dr. Shelley for peripheral neuropathy and had good results, so I decided to see if he could help my knees.”

“I started to feel better after my very first treatment. I’m using less than ten percent of the pain medication I was on before. I no longer rely on my walker to get around. Now that I am no longer limited by pain. I can do things I wouldn’t have even considered before, such as traveling to my 55th class reunion in Oregon, watch my grandkids play softball, going out to dinner with friends, and I can even drive myself again!“

– Bobbie F., Shoreline