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Peter Choo | Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Peter Choo joins the team at Olympic Spine & Sports Therapy after attending Life Chiropractic College West where he graduated summa cum laude and as his class salutatorian. He received his undergraduate degree in Biology with a minor in Biopsychology from Kalamazoo College.

He began his career in healthcare performing schizophrenia research for the University of Colorado and later lung cancer studies at the VA hospital in Denver, Colorado. Wanting to make a more immediate impact on people’s lives, he pursued a lifelong dream of becoming a chiropractor. Chiropractic combines Dr. Choo’s passion for neuroscience and physiology. His previous career in research gives him a great understanding of how best to integrate chiropractic with other healthcare modalities for the optimum benefit of the patient.

Importantly, Dr. Choo is compassionate and dedicated to improving the lives of others. Since graduating from chiropractic school, he has further expanded his skill set with additional training in soft tissue management and other supportive therapies. In this regard, he believes that Olympic Spine & Sports Therapy provides the ideal approach for patient care with their comprehensive treatments.

Dr. Choo has made his home in Seattle with his girlfriend and two dogs. When not in the office he enjoys exploring the wilderness, playing soccer, snowboarding, and his violin.

Christina Broughton MSN, APRN, RT(R)(M), FNP-C

Christy Broughton joined the team after moving to Washington State from Texas. She has a diverse medical background starting in the mid-1980s working in her local hospital as a candy striper. She graduated with a degree in radiology in 1993 and is a certified radiologic technologist as well as mammographer. She then went back to school and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Texas at Arlington and continued on with a Master of Science in Nursing with a focus on Family Nurse Practitioner. She chose the field of neurology for her specialty training while obtaining her degree. She has extensive experience in radiology, emergency nursing, the operating room and recovery, pain management, and family practice. She enjoys educating patients on healthy lifestyle changes which can improve their overall wellbeing. 

Christy has also devoted herself to volunteer efforts including community outreach programs and disaster medical work. She is a member of the US Health and Human Services Incident Management Team. She has served her fellow Americans by providing care during Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti Earthquake. She most recently has assisted with medical logistical efforts with the COVID virus. She assisted with the care of Americans repatriated from Wuhan in early 2020 in San Diego and also with efforts in New York City in the summer of 2020. She is dedicated to the service of others in their times of need. 

Christy enjoys many hobbies including painting, hiking, paddle boarding, fishing, and hunting. She loves to travel with her Goldendoodle Cadet and visit new places. She is looking forward to exploring Washington state and the many activities and opportunities it offers.  

Amy Volavka LPN

Amy joins our team from warm and sunny Palm Springs, California. Amy is a Licensed Practical Nurse, she attended the California Nurses Educational Institute in Palm Springs.  Amy has had a variety of work experience, including being a travel nurse, working in a drug and alcohol detox clinic, and in a COVID-19 unit. Amy was introduced to the NeoGen Bioelectrical therapy in a multidisciplinary clinic and helped them integrate the NeoGen treatment in the practice. She has an excellent understanding of the science behind the RST Sanexas NeoGen procedure, and has extensive experience treating patients with chronic pain and peripheral neuropathy.

In her free time Amy is a published poet, loves to write, read, play tennis, and spend time with her 5-year-old daughter.

Mitchell Stuart | Physical Rehab Technician

Mitchell graduated Western Washington University in June of 2018 with a BS in Kinesiology. While at Western, he taught a 300 level Anatomy and Physiology lab, a group fitness class called Spin & Tone, and achieved the position of Lead Personal Trainer at the student rec center. Through his education and working with a wide array of clients, Mitchell learned the principles of biomechanics, proper motor patterning, and exercise physiology. Since graduating, he has taken a professional interest in functional medicine and when not at work, he enjoys exercise, listening to podcasts, and reading.

Lee Shelley | Nutritional Therapist

Lee Shelley, is our resident Nutritional Therapist. Her professional career has been very diverse. Growing up in South Carolina, she became a Dental Hygienist. Shortly afterward she met her husband and moved to Seattle. She practiced for several years as a Dental Hygienist in different cities in South Carolina and Washington State. Many years later she became a Licensed Midwife and founded Puget Sound Birth Center in Kirkland, WA. It remains a thriving birth center even today having served thousands of families since 1996.

Some years after the birth of her daughter, Gracie, she became interested in Nutrition and Functional Medicine. She had the personal goal of getting off all pharmaceutical medications. That led to many years of study in these fields, and with the help of a very talented Naturopathic Doctor she was able to gradually stop all medications.

Lee then pursued the study of Functional Blood Chemistry, Functional Endocrinology, Thyroid disorders and Neurotransmitter imbalances. She rounded that out by getting certified as a Nutritional Therapist.

Her role in our office is to investigate the patient’s metabolic function/dysfunction to assess its contribution to their health concerns. We know that pain in the body usually has many contributors — not usually a single cause such as spinal misalignment or disc protrusion. Metabolic imbalances can have profound effects on pain, fatigue, weight and mental function. These are the metabolic considerations of care at our office.

Lee uses numerous laboratory tests, metabolic questionnaires and diet history to assess a patient’s metabolic function. She is then able to guide the patient through nutritional and lifestyle changes as well as utilizing nutritional supplements to make profound health changes. Lee has the rare blend of personal experience, extensive knowledge and genuine concern for her patients.

"Now I can go up and down stairs, ride my bike and I’m back to hiking!"

“For a year and a half I had sharp pain in both my knees. Going up and down stairs was very painful, and I could no longer run. Before coming to Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy I worked with an Orthopedic doctor, a Spine Specialist, my General Medical doctor, a Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist and a Podiatrist.”

“I started to notice a difference within the first couple months of treatment. Now I can go up and down stairs, ride my bike and I’m back to hiking! My outlook on life also has improved. The realization that I’m not restricted due to a decline in a health is a big relief. The staff is very personable, friendly and caring. Every department knows how to work together as part of the team.”

– Troy H., Snohomish

"Within the first month at Olympic, I felt 75% better and have feeling back in my feet!"

“Six months before coming to Olympic, the sharp, shooting pain and numbness in my feet were so bad that I legitimately investigated the cost of artificial feet. I went to at least 4 different treatments before coming here.”

“Within the first month at Olympic I felt 75% better and have feeling back in my feet! I can now sleep at night, work a full day, and go up and down stairs without pain. With the relief that I now have, I can join my wife in social activities, cook and my mood has greatly improved. The treatment was specifically tailored to my issues and the team at Olympic was willing to try different treatments to see what would work for me.”

– Jaylen P., Lake Stevens

“While finding relief with my peripheral neuropathy, I was also able to find improvement in my posture.”

“For the past 3-4 years I have had pain in my feet while walking, and at night my feet felt very hot. It was so weird! I could not comfortably walk in my work shoes. Once coming to Olympic it took only 3 weeks to find relief. My feet feel more supple, and I can feel them at night without burning. I can walk around far more comfortably and sleep much better. The treatment at Olympic was very thorough and more varied than what I had seen before. While finding relief with my peripheral neuropathy, I was also able to find improvement in my posture. The team at Olympic helped me realize I need to be more conscious of my posture throughout the day. I now stand up straighter and can walk without pain!”

– Jeff L., Mukilteo

"After five weeks I started noticing big improvements."

“For the past ten years I’ve had pain in my toes that progressed to my feet. I went to several different doctors, my General Medical Doctor, an Orthopedists, and a Neurologist, I was diagnosed with idiopathic peripheral neuropathy and told there was no treatment or cure. The symptoms were so bad it was like walking on broken glass.”

“I heard an ad on KIRO radio. After five weeks I started noticing big improvements. Now I can walk on the grass and carpet and stay on my feet longer than I’ve been able to in years. This summer I re-designed our back yard. I never would have attempted that before treatment. I love to golf and have been able to get on the course a lot more this summer. The staff is awesome; they helped me understand how to continue treatment at home. Their treatment program is thorough, and they spend more time with their patients than other clinics I’ve been to.”

– David K., Covington

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