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Whether you’ve recently been in an auto accident, hurt yourself in a recreational activity, or been dealing with chronic pain for years, we are here to help. Once the pain has been reduced, our physical rehabilitation therapist work under the doctors direction using x-ray information to customize posture corrective/ergonomic exercises and stretches for each patient. Additionally, our physical rehabilitation therapist show you how to regain strength, stability, and endurance using Dynamic Upright Endurance Stabilization – an advanced core strengthening and stabilizing procedure based on the most current research. Our goal is for you to receive comprehensive care for the fastest possible pain relief, maximum improvement, and long-lasting results.

Services Available

  • Pain Reduction/Relaxation Techniques
  • Dynamic Upright Endurance Stabilization
  • Functional Movement Exercises
  • Wellness Exercise Consulting
  • Posture Corrective Techniques
  • Core Strengthening
  • Orthotic Fitting
  • Balance Therapy
Physical Rehabilitation

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I am back up to running 20+ miles per week!

I was running 35 miles per week, then I broke down. The mid-back pain, hip, and low back pain brought my running to an abrupt stop. Now, two months later, I’m 75% better. I am back up to running 20+ miles per week and working my way up to 40 miles per week to qualify for the Boston Marathon. 

Steve L.

Olympic Spine & Sports Therapy

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