I feel younger, and I can do more with friends!

Over the years I have struggled with sciatica in my legs, pain in my left hip, low back, neck, and shoulder. My back used to get so stiff I couldn’t move very easily, and I had difficulty sleeping.
Now, after going through treatment at OSST my pain is reduced, and I have more flexibility. I can do computer work without my neck stiffening up and I am able to spend more time in the garden without hurting my low back. I feel younger, and I can do more with friends! The staff at OSST are great people. They provide the tools you need to help yourself and then create a very encouraging atmosphere that motivates you to use them!

Anita M.

It’s worth the drive from Bellingham

I hated getting up in the morning. Standing up caused stabbing pain in my leg. My left foot was so numb, it made me walk with a limp. I was only able to do about 30% of my life. I could feel the improvement after the first few weeks of treatment at Olympic. Now I’m able to do life at 90%! It’s worth the drive from Bellingham. Treatment here has been a total game-changer.

Sande L.

I would’ve written a check for $100,000 if I had known I could get this much relief

I haven’t slept for more than 2 ½ to 3 hours at a time in 10 years because of the pain. I tried medication, massage therapy, chiropractic, physical therapy, and injections. I am a small business owner; my plan is to retire in five years. My concern was retiring with constant pain, being limited in what I can do, and not being able to enjoy time with my family.

The treatment is expensive, but honestly, I would’ve written a check for $100,000 if I had known I could get this much relief. My life is so much better. Now I can work a full day and sleep through the night! I rode a bike 20 miles and played softball with my kids.

In addition to the treatment, it’s an education. I’ve learned how to sit and move properly. I always get an explanation to my questions, not a short “move along” answer. The staff is exceptional, they’re all invested in the patient’s results.

Travis G.

This place is amazing! It has absolutely changed my life! 

I had what I called “back attacks” twice a year that would send me to the hospital and they sent me home with pain killers. In 2012 I had a “back attack” that kept me out of work for one month.

I came to Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy and I started to feel relief after my very first decompression treatment. I don’t think about my pain anymore. I can do laundry all day and not be wiped out. Before I would do one load and then I was down for the rest of the day. I’m thinking about doing yard work, I thought that I was done with that before my treatment at Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy.

Patty B.

What makes them special compared to other clinics I’ve been to is the all-inclusive care

For about a month I had neck and upper back pain that prevented me from being able to get off the couch or stand up. I had migraines so painful they made me sick. Ice, heat, and even pain medication didn’t get rid of the pain. As an athlete, I was so used to ignoring but my body finally said; I’ve had enough! My husband told me about Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy. Within the first month, my pain went from 9/10 to 3/10.

My quality of life has greatly improved! I have more energy to take care of household chores. I’m back to working in the yard. I can sit through a movie and church. I’m socializing with neighbors and entertaining. I’m back to walking 2-3 miles a day and lifting weights. I’ve learned to listen to my body and not over-do it. The staff are so friendly and helpful. Dr. Shelley did a very thorough examination including X-ray and MRI. They understand the steps you need to go through to heal and move forward with your life.

Shaunna K.

My limp is gone, I can sleep on my side, and my pain is reduced by 90%!

 I heard the ads on the radio and figured: what do I have to lose? My low back and hip pain were so bad I couldn’t walk without limping. I had to learn how to sleep on my back because laying on my side was so painful, I couldn’t fall asleep. I was only getting 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night. Now I’m back to 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night.

Ken S.

Without the help of Olympic Spine I wouldn’t have the quality of life I am now enjoying

About a year and a half ago I extruded the discs in my L5 and S1-S2 vertebrae, the pain was unbearable! I had shooting pain down my left leg through my glute and down my calf.

Dr. Shelley offered non-surgical spinal decompression therapy, the treatment plan was a big commitment and more involved than surgery but would benefit me more in the long run. I continue to come here a year and a half later because I feel how much of a difference it makes in my life and helping my back stay strong! I do believe that without the help of Olympic Spine I would not have the quality of life that I am now able to enjoy!

Carson K.

No more walker or wheelchair!

I was suffering from debilitating pain in my thigh, sciatic area, and my low back for over 8 months and it left me unable to walk without assistance. It was very frustrating because I had to use a wheelchair at church and a walker everywhere else. I tried various medications, physical therapy, and even chiropractors, without any relief.

It took me about 4 weeks of treatment to start to see long-lasting results. Now, after completing my treatment, I no longer have severe pain or a roller coaster of pain throughout my day. I no longer must use a walker or wheelchair at church. I walk freely on my own and can participate more fully in leading worship on Sundays. I feel like my energy is higher and my spirit is brighter. Sound Pain Solutions has given my life back to me, and I am deeply grateful.

Dennie C.

I am 80% better and still improving!

Between the back pain and numbness in my legs and feet, I was miserable. They said I needed to have a multilevel fusion surgery. My legs would get so numb I couldn’t do anything but sit until the feeling came back. My work was severely limited. Before starting treatment, I could only drive a few hundred miles a week. Now I’m up to 1300 to 1500 miles a week. I used to avoid sales calls if I had to walk even 100 feet. Now I can walk a quarter of a mile.

John N.

This treatment has been life-changing!

There was nothing else I could do to get better. I had the nerves in my back burned, but the pain came back within two months. Back surgery was not an option. I was in constant pain even when taking 2-3 Percocet a day. Now I’m off all prescription medication. I can stand for an hour instead of minutes. I have energy to do the things in life I enjoy, not just work and recover.

Rick W.

Now I can put my own socks on and walk normally! My wife and I even joined a gym! 

Since 2010 I’ve had pain in my right hip including sciatic pain that radiated down my entire right side. This was from years of being an umpire and traveling. Last December after officiating a basketball game my pain was so intense my wife had to put my socks on.
My wife heard about Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy on the radio and encouraged me to give it a try. By the end of the first week, I felt better. I’ve been able to reduce my pain medication, which is huge. I’m able to work for longer periods of time, even squat to work with catchers. My wife is really excited that I listened to her suggestion to come to Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy.

Brian H.

Now I can go up and downstairs, ride my bike and I’m back to hiking!

For a year and a half, I had sharp pain in both my knees. Going up and downstairs was very painful, and I could no longer run. Before coming to Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy I worked with an Orthopedic doctor, a Spine Specialist, my General Medical doctor, a Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist and a Podiatrist.

I started to notice a difference within the first couple months of treatment. Now I can go up and downstairs, ride my bike and I’m back to hiking! My outlook on life also has improved. The realization that I’m not restricted due to a decline in a health is a big relief. The staff is very personable, friendly and caring. Every department knows how to work together as part of the team.

Troy H.

 Within two weeks of treatment, I felt better! 

About a year ago I was having chronic headaches, neck pain, and pain in my right shoulder, the pain was so bad that I was unable to sleep on my back or my right side. One doctor suggested shots to heal my nerve pain. I felt surgery was too invasive; I was at a dead end.

Then, I heard about Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy. Within two weeks of treatment, I felt better! My neck pain was less intense. I had better range of motion, and the radiating pain in my right shoulder was better. The staff at Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy is very friendly, helpful, and everybody is concerned about their patient’s wellbeing and health. I call it the “one-stop shop” that works on the whole body. I’m glad I invested the time and money; the results are worth it!

Fred T.

I appreciate Dr. Shelley’s straight forward approach to my treatment; he always answers my questions.

For the past year I’ve had pain in my right buttock and shin. I went to my General Medical Doctor and she sent me to physical therapy, unfortunately, the treatment caused my pain to worsen. Next, she sent me to a Neurosurgeon who took x-rays and an MRI that showed I had spinal stenosis and arthritis in my lumbar spine. My pain became so bad I couldn’t walk or stand.

My wife heard an ad for Sound Pain Solutions on the radio, she had a co-worker that had seen the doctors with good results. Within one month I had a decrease in overall pain. My quality of life has greatly improved! The ups are longer, and the downs are not as painful as they used to be. For the first time in a year I’ve been able to walk around without my walking sticks, walker or cane! 

Terry W.

I feel supported; even from the other patients.

For eight years I had sciatic pain from a bulging disc, the pain was so intense I felt like I needed to go to the emergency room every day. I couldn’t sleep or work, it was very hard on my family.

I learned about Sound Pain Solutions from an ad on the radio. I started to feel better the first week and the sciatic pain was gone within the first two weeks. I’m able to vacuum without pain and change the laundry without sitting on the floor. Since I feel better, I’m excited to exercise more, get back to walking and swimming. I love the staff! They make me feel like family, and they care about how I feel. I got answers to my questions all the way through my treatment. 

Prudence M.

I am back up to running 20+ miles per week!

I was running 35 miles per week, then I broke down. The mid-back pain, hip, and low back pain brought my running to an abrupt stop. Now, two months later, I’m 75% better. I am back up to running 20+ miles per week and working my way up to 40 miles per week to qualify for the Boston Marathon. 

Steve L.

I think the difference is having all the treatment together  

I was really frustrated! I felt like my body was old before it’s time. I tried massage therapy, chiropractic, physical therapy, medication, and injections. None of them worked. I could only sit for 10 minutes, walk a few blocks, and had to take steps one at a time. Now I can sit in a meeting for over an hour and a half, walk over a mile and take stairs like a “normal“ person! I think the difference is having all the treatment together. The staff is awesome, and the results are amazing!

Kerry M.

I’m so much better, I plan to return to skiing this year!

I used to ski, bungee jump and rock climb. Those were all taken away because of my pain.

My low back, hip, and leg pain was so severe I had to do exercises for two hours each morning in order to be able to walk. Often the pain was so severe I would vomit. I had x-ray, CAT scan, MRI and nerve test done. All they could offer what a prescription for opioids which I rejected. Now, after my treatment at Olympic my pain is reduced by over 90%. I don’t toss and turn all night, and when I get up, I can walk without pain! I’m not taking any drugs, self-medicating with wine or using CBD oil.

Nicole H.

My low back pain is 95% better

I threw my back out many times before. This last time it stuck and didn’t go away. I was in so much pain I could hardly sleep. Now my low back pain is 95% better. I’m able to get back to my workouts. I’m even better mentally. I’m happier. I’m more knowledgeable now and have better awareness, I listen to my body. The Olympic staff are always there when I need them.

Chris S.

Now that I’m not in pain, I can do yard work again, rake my leaves and mow my lawn.

For the past couple of years, I’ve had pain and numbness in my right leg that made it difficult to walk. To relieve the pain, I tried massage therapy, heat, and ice. After six treatments, I began to feel better.

I no longer have the sharp pain in my lower back and legs. I’ve had good success with the combination of chiropractic can and decompression therapy.

Leroy K.

The change is phenomenal!

My foot and low back pain was so severe I didn’t know if I would make it into the office from the parking lot. I could only stand for a few minutes. Now, I can stand at least 30 minutes. My neck is stronger, and I don’t have headaches anymore. The commute from Enumclaw can take two hours, but it’s worth it to get my life back! It comes down to how bad you want to get better.

Laurie W.

Now, I am 95% better. I can ride my motorcycle and I walk every day 3-5 miles

It was like a hot ice pick was stabbing me in the back. I had to take a super hot shower in the morning to be able to move. Even then, I couldn’t walk without shuffling my feet and I had to stop every 5 to 6 feet to rest. Getting better was a slow process. After a couple of months I was able to start back into normal activities.

Mike S.

 I’m participating with my family and friends more. We went to Disneyland and every day I was able to walk 20,000-25,000 steps a day!

Three months ago, I had given up on thinking that I could do the things I love. My body hurt and I felt a lot older than I am. I wasn’t as active with my family. I even avoided walking my dog because of the pain in my feet and back. Today, I am on the road back to recovery and being more active.  Not only are my feet and back better, my brain is better too!”

Sondra S.

I am more than 50% better and still improving.

My hip pain started after I lifted a log. When I got up in the morning, I couldn’t stand on my right leg without it giving out. I couldn’t even bend over to put my socks on. I couldn’t do work around the house, exercise, or play golf. I was living on ibuprofen, but it didn’t get better. I had two steroid injections, but the relief didn’t last. The pain just kept coming back. I knew the next step was surgery. Both of my brothers and my father had back surgeries and they all said, “don’t do it!”.

Now, I am so much better than I was. I am more than 50% better and still improving. Why wouldn’t you give this a chance?

Jerry E.

Relief for disc herniation, scoliosis, and degenerative arthritis

I have suffered from degenerative arthritis in my lumbar spine for nearly twenty years, plus I have scoliosis and a herniated disc.  Four years ago I met with a neuro surgeon who advised that I have surgery.  The surgery was scheduled, however after further investigation I decided against it and resigned myself to live with the pain.  Then a year ago the clenching pain became so intense it radiated from my hip down my leg to my toes.  I found it difficult to work, sit, sleep, or drive.  One of my friends recommended Dr. Shelley; she told me her husband had tremendous success at Olympic Spine & Sports Therapy.  My progress was slow at first, but now I’m hugely improved!  Now that I’m no longer focused on my pain my quality of life has improved greatly.  I can do housework. Since I’ m not tired out from pain I actually want to go out with friends.  I’m back to walking, I was even able to complete a five mile hike last summer!  I can sit without squirming in my chair which allows me to focus more on my clients.  I also learned how to work smarter using better body mechanics.  The staff is wonderful!  They’re upbeat, cheerful, fun and very supportive.  A couple of times I was in so much pain I came to the office in tears, they were encouraging, understanding, and very caring.

Jinny T.