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Jack was told nothing other than medication could help his neuropathy

For the past couple of years, I’ve had numbness in my feet and legs, plus tingling in my hands that was progressively getting worse.  The worst symptom was when my entire feet were numb. It felt like my socks were bunched up under me. I saw a Neurologist who told me that my symptoms would only get worse and that nothing could be done beyond medication. The medication had too many side effects so I decided not to take it. I saw an ad in the paper for Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy. Within a couple of weeks I noticed 60-65% improvement in my numbness, now I’m over 80% better. My balance has also improved. I’ve been able to do squats on a bosu ball! Most importantly I’m able to help care for my handicapped wife. The staff at Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy is very helpful and professional. The office is well run; I’ve had a great experience.

Jack E.

I can walk without discomfort now and I even went dancing!

When I started I had numbness in my big toes and tingling in my legs on both sides. It bothered me most when I walked, it was really irritating! A friend, John recommended I come to Olympic Spine and Sport Therapy. Right from the beginning it just started to gradually feel better. The numbness and tingling is a lot less intense now. There is no numbness in my big toes. I can walk without discomfort now and I even went dancing! The staff are helpful and caring. I even brought them goodies at Christmas!

Jeanne B.

Peripheral neuropathy 75% improved!

Before treating at Olympic Spine & Sports Therapy, I was having a lot of numbness and tingling in my feet and hands. They had a cold sensation and they felt like stumps when I tried to play golf and racquetball. My coordination and balance deteriorated to the point where I quit playing and just sat at home in my chair, depressed and discouraged. I started to lose sleep due to nerve spikes I would get in my feet, I felt like I was being stabbed with an ice pick! I saw a neurologist who said I had Peripheral Neuropathy due to my Diabetes and he prescribed me medication but it didn’t help me very much. I learned about Dr Shelley and Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy on line, and started treatment shortly after. It took about 6 weeks before I saw significant results but it worked! Now I’ve reached 75% overall improvement in my condition! I am walking and standing for longer periods of time, doing yard work without pain or fatigue, and I have even started playing golf and racquetball again. The staff is outstanding! They really take a personal interest in me, my treatment and my life. If your symptoms are anything like mine were, you need to get in here!

Norm K.

Everett, WA

Relief for disc herniation, scoliosis, and degenerative arthritis

I have suffered from degenerative arthritis in my lumbar spine for nearly twenty years, plus I have scoliosis and a herniated disc.  Four years ago I met with a neuro surgeon who advised that I have surgery.  The surgery was scheduled, however after further investigation I decided against it and resigned myself to live with the pain.  Then a year ago the clenching pain became so intense it radiated from my hip down my leg to my toes.  I found it difficult to work, sit, sleep, or drive.  One of my friends recommended Dr. Shelley; she told me her husband had tremendous success at Olympic Spine & Sports Therapy.  My progress was slow at first, but now I’m hugely improved!  Now that I’m no longer focused on my pain my quality of life has improved greatly.  I can do housework. Since I’ m not tired out from pain I actually want to go out with friends.  I’m back to walking, I was even able to complete a five mile hike last summer!  I can sit without squirming in my chair which allows me to focus more on my clients.  I also learned how to work smarter using better body mechanics.  The staff is wonderful!  They’re upbeat, cheerful, fun and very supportive.  A couple of times I was in so much pain I came to the office in tears, they were encouraging, understanding, and very caring.

Jinny T.

Bothell, WA

Olympic Spine & Sports Therapy

Effective | Non-Surgical | Pain-Free | FDA Cleared
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