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How Functional Neurology Can Help You

April 30, 2018


Mark Shelley

Functional Neurology is one answer for chronic pain and other issues that relate to it. Oftentimes, patients are told that in order to heal their pain, they must undergo surgery, or take drugs for a prolonged period of time.

We believe that there are more options for patients, and offer comprehensive care that will help each individual, no matter how difficult the case. With our functional neurology, we can bring you relief. So without further delay, we want to inform you on the basics of functional neuropathy and are here to help answer any questions you may have.

What Is Functional Neurology For?

  • When imbalances within our nervous symptoms occur, we are left with pain and suffering. We can suffer from both mental disorders such as ADD, as well as physical disorders like sciatica. This is because our nervous systems has an impaired ability to function properly, causing other systems to fail.
  • If your neurological functions are not addressed, these problems will persist, and become more severe.

How Can Functional Neurology Help Me?

  • Functional neurology is helpful to many different problems. Because the nervous system is the area in need of treatment, almost anything can be helped with functional neurology.
  • It can help with early Alzheimer’s
  • Lower back pain and neck pain
  • Dizziness and Migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Symptoms of MS
  • And Much More

Because functional neurology focuses on healing problems within the nervous system, it can be treatment for just about any problem. Of course, we will only use treatments that are necessary to your progression. Functional neurology may be used in conjunction with other services that we offer.

Upon your evaluation, we’ll help you determine where your pain is coming from and why, and will create a plan of comprehensive treatment, so that you can heal free of surgery and drugs. Call Olympic Spine & Sports Therapy now!