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6 Ways Santa (And You) Can Avoid Back Pain

December 18, 2017


Mark Shelley

Dear Santa,

Happy holidays from all of us at Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy, in Edmonds, Washington. As promised in our previous letter, we are writing to offer you this brief guide on how to avoid back pain, based on your responsibilities as Santa Claus. Many of these items are also common mistakes made by many people. Following this guide will help you eliminate those emergency visits to the chiropractor for spinal discomfort and back pain.

Reading letters from the many wonderful children around the world is a time consuming part of your job, please make sure you sit all the way back in your chair to support your spine and the lumbar region of your back.

Also, when you finish reading those letters, scoot all the way forward in your chair so you can use your legs to stand up. Avoid hunching over as you stand up, as this places strain on the back and spine.

When the long lines of kids are waiting to give you their gift requests at your office, otherwise known as “The Mall”, place a rolled up towel between your lower back and the back of the chair to support your lumbar region.

Personal communication with your toy makers is vital to your day-to-day activities. When you’re talking to an elf at your workshop, bend down with your knees, not at the waist, which puts strain on your back and spine.

Hoisting gifts in your magic sleigh is a time where you are at great risk to injure your back. Please bend at your knees and lift straight up with your legs, without bending over the gifts and lifting them with your back.

In fact, if you could just have the elves hand you the gifts that go in the sleigh, that would be great (as long as you are not twisting with your trunk to grab them or place them in the sleigh).
We  are confident that if you follow this guide, you will find yourself having to endure fewer chiropractic emergencies and avoid back pain.

Happy Holidays,
Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy Staff