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How Our Clinical Nutrition can Improve Your Health

May 18, 2018


Mark Shelley

As we begin to age, and we notice more aspects of our physical health begin to deteriorate, it’s important that we’re doing everything in our power to either slow down the digression, or even improve and progress into better health. Exercise and proper nutrition are a great way to keep our physical health at good levels, and is even beneficial to our mental health as well. So every time you feel an ache, pain or discomfort, consider changing your pain management habits for a healthier form of relief. One way to do this is by hiring a clinical nutritionist.

How can a clinical nutritionist help to improve your health?

Reduce Headaches – Oftentimes, headaches occur as a sign of deficiency, and for many it can occur when they’re having caffeine withdrawals. Your nutritionist will take a look at what you’re lacking, and help you to integrate those needs into your diet.

Weight Loss – Eating healthy has many benefits, but one way your health will improve is by losing weight. Dropping some pounds is a direct effect of healthy eating and proper nutrition.

Improved Mood – When your body is getting the nutrition it needs, the balance of both your physical self, and mental self is much better. An imbalance in hormones can cause mood swings, as well as other adverse effects.

But one big mistake people make when they are attempting to eat healthy is not eating enough, which can cause drastic mood swings as well. When your body has the fuel it needs to function, it’s a much happier body.

The benefits you can receive from a clinical nutritionist are endless, so stay tuned to our next blog to learn more. And for questions, contact our pain management clinic in Edmonds today.