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How Your Chiropractor In Edmonds WA Can Help With Insomnia

May 18, 2018


Mark Shelley

Here at Olympic Spine & Sports Therapy, we hear a lot of our patients complaining about insomnia. Insomnia can certainly take a toll on the body and your mental health. It helps your brain to function properly and without proper sleep, a decline in your body and mental health can be seen fairly quickly. There are, at the very least, about 60 different types of sleep disorders that lead to insomnia. Even though there are several different medications on today’s market that claim to help with insomnia, their relief is short-lived and usage can have other detrimental side effects. However, your local chiropractor in Edmonds WA here at the Olympic Spine & Sports Therapy clinic can help you with insomnia.

To regain your peaceful sleep, we believe that it’s important to treat the root of the problem rather than the symptoms. We will work with you to investigate the real cause of your sleeping issues and work to correct them with more long term results. Through specific chiropractic care and adjustments, we will work with you to help you relax as one of the first steps of the process. This will also help to improve the blood flow in your nervous system and help to correct any misalignment or sublaxations in the spine. These sublaxations can work against your body, causing a lack of communication between the spine and brain. This unbalance can cause your body to be unable to rest, causing insomnia and other problems.

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