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Orthotics Explained

April 30, 2018


Mark Shelley

What’s that you say? Orthotics? If you’re not aware of what Orthotics are, it’s the process in which we assess your posture, and feet. We believe that a lot of your health starts with your feet. So as apart of our pain management, and finding the root of the problem, we offer custom orthotics. We’ll look for biomechanical defects in your feet, as well as your walking pattern. This helps us to determine what recovery plan of action we should be taking.

With that said, we know you still have questions about Orthotics and everything that surrounds it, so we’ll break down the most important aspects for you to know about.

  • Orthotic? – This refers to the device that is customized to your foot and leg, and will help change the mechanics of your foot
  • How? It’s a device that you wear in your shoe that you can walk and run with. As you wear it it prevents your arch from falling, thus resulting in a biomechanical change and restores normal bone function.
  • Who Needs An Orthotic? – Anyone that has arches that excessively flatten can use one. But it’s great for anyone with lower back pain and knee problems as well.
  • So it’s a problem solver? – Depending upon what your problem is, then yes, it can be a problem solver. As long as the problem is caught early enough.
  • Why Is It Important? – It’s important because your overall bone health starts in your feet. It’s the start of lower kinetic chain, which means problems in your feet can travel upwards, into your knee, hips, and back.

If you have been experiencing lower back pain, knee problems, or hip problems and have tried going to a chiropractor, and are still not getting results, ask our physical therapists about a custom orthotics device. Contact us today for an appointment with our pain management clinic.