Today is the day for Robyn. She is a middle school computer teacher that has gone rounds with a pain in the neck. Surprisingly, it’s not one of her middle schoolers: She literally has severe neck pain that’s shooting down into her back.

Robyn’s friend gets treated at Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy, in Edmonds. Her friend receives non-surgical spinal decompression treatment and is amazed with the results after just one week! She encouraged Robyn to sign up for a free consultation, but she didn’t see herself as needing the treatment and was extremely busy with work and family.

She is tremendously stressed about her 10 year-old son, Beckham, as he will be in middle school next year and he’s going to see how some of those kids act and talk. As her son’s name suggests, she’s an avid soccer fan and still plays in an adult league. The pain had started out as a minor inconvenience as she would feel a strain in her neck from using the mouse too much or sleeping wrong.

But last night, things got much worse for Beckham’s mom. She collided with an opponent’s defender while attempting to head the ball into the net. She scored the goal, which masked the pain for a bit, but today she can hardly turn her head to the left side to call on students on the left side of the room.

Today is the day for Robyn, because it’s the day she calls Olympic Spine and Sports Therapy, in Edmonds and signs up for a consult.