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Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment From Your Chiropractor in Edmonds, WA

May 18, 2018


Mark Shelley

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition wherein peripheral nerves carry signals to the brain, spinal cords, and other nerve endings in the body (which is normal), but the nerve signals don’t interact properly. The Neuropathy could be a single damaged nerve or a group of nerves that are damaged, but regardless there is a level of discomfort or pain. Peripheral neuropathy treatment starts with your being able to identify symptoms like numbness and pain in the extremities (particularly hands and feet), cramping, and electrical or shock-like pain, loss of balance or grip, and a tingling or pricking sensation in the afflicted area. If you come to see a chiropractor in Edmonds, WA or a chiropractor in Lynwood, WA then we of Olympic Spine & Sports Therapy can give you the aid that you need to get through the pains that have entered into your life. 

We of Olympic Spine and Sports try to offer spinal decompression to Edmonds, in addition to sciatica treatment, so that you have a number of options to make sure that you have the healthiest and most comfortable body available to you. Our treatments and services include decompression and massage therapy, functional neurology, physical rehabilitation, chiropractic biophysics, and clinical nutrition care. We put a great deal of effort into helping you with your pain because we want you to be able to live without it. A life without pain is not a bad life– working to avoid privation and discomfort is not something that is unnatural or unattainable. We are the Olympic Spine & Sports Therapy center, and we are here for your health.