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Relief From TMJ From Your Local Edmonds WA Chiropractor

May 18, 2018


Mark Shelley

Here at Olympic Spine & Sports Therapy, you’re local chiropractor in Edmonds WA, we’re set apart from our competitors through years of experience and our comprehensive treatment approach. We have several patients come in on a weekly basis who complain of pain in their jaw or cite complications from TMJ. They wonder if we can help them get relief from this frustrating ailment and we want everyone to know that we can help provide relief through chiropractic manipulation, massage, and applying heat/ice and special exercises.

How do you know if you have TMJ?

  • Radiating pain in the face, neck, and / or shoulders
  • Limited moving of the jaw or locking
  • Painful clicking when opening or closing the mouth
  • A significant change in the way your upper and lower jaw fit together
  • An increase in headaches, earaches, dizziness, or difficulty swallowing

What causes TMJ?

  • Discomfort or pain in the muscles of the jaw, neck, and shoulders
  • Dislocated jaw or displaced disc
  • Degenerative joint disease

A widely accepted way for chiropractors to figure out whether or not you have TMJ is to have you put three fingers in your mouth and bite down on them. We may also ask you to open and close your mouth repeatedly so the doctor can monitor the jaw muscles and their balance. If it’s concluded that you have TMJ, your chiropractor will likely recommend specific chiropractic manipulation, apply heat / ice, special exercises, and certain massage. Our first goal will be to relieve your symptoms and pain from TMJ.