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Resolutions For A Healthy Spine In The New Year

May 18, 2018


Mark Shelley

With the New Year right around the corner, a lot of us are making lists of resolutions to better ourselves in 2015. If you suffer from neck or back pain, or if you’re looking to take steps to prevent neck or back pain, we have some New Year’s resolutions that you can make for a healthy spine in 2015. As your local chiropractor in Edmonds WA, we’re here to help you whenever you need it.

1. Get moving! Movement is great as a natural stimulus in the healing process. Through gradual exercise, you can slowly reduce long-term back pain.

2. Make a commitment to a regular, safe exercise routine. When you exercise, it strengthens and repairs muscles that support your spine. When you strengthen these muscles in your back, it helps to prevent injury to your soft tissue.

3. Overweight? It’s time to try and shed excess pounds. When you’re overweight, it puts unneeded stress on your spine and cause you a lot of pain.

4. Are you a smoker? Commit to breaking this unhealthy habit in 2015. Smoking can cause back pain because it can obstruct nutrients to the discs in your back and make it slower for you to heal, prolonging the pain you may already have.

5. It’s time to upgrade to a mattress that’s more friendly to your back. Even though you may find your favorite brands at a big box store, you won’t get the same level of service as you would by shopping at a dedicated mattress store.

If you’re living in pain from your back or neck, it’s time to take control of your life. Call Olympic Spine & Sports Therapy today.