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The Tell-Tale Signs Of Sciatica

April 30, 2018


Mark Shelley

As you sit in pain, wondering what the cause for your lower back pain is, we encourage you to consider whether or not your pain might be from sciatica. If you’re not aware of what sciatica is, it’s when the sciatic nerve is pinched, resulting in lower back pain, leg pain, and frequent tingling. You might even have problems with your legs and feet “falling asleep,”from time to time. Does this sound familiar? Take a look at these symptoms and see if your lower back pain sounds the same. If it does, then contact your local chiropractor, or pain management clinic to get help.

  • A Pain In The Butt – Sciatic nerve pain causes exactly what it sounds like. If your sciatic nerve is pinched, you’re probably having a hard time sitting for long periods of time.
  • Pain In Your Thighs – Frequent pain within your thighs that feel like it’s shooting pain, is another sign of sciatica.
  • Lower Leg Pain And Foot Pain – Pain in your shins and feet is a very common side effect of sciatica. You might even feel tingling in your feet as well.

Understanding your symptoms is the first step on your road to recovery. The next step is contacting a physical therapist, or doctor about your sciatic nerve pain. A chiropractor, or even massage therapy can get you started on your journey to living pain free. For more information on sciatica, stay tuned to our next blog to learn about the causes. And if you feel that you should begin treatment now, contact our pain management clinic today.