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Top 5 Benefits Of Comprehensive Care

April 30, 2018


Mark Shelley

After an injury or surgery, your body obviously needs time to heal. And while the recovery process takes time, it also takes careful attention. It means following up with appointments, and at-home exercises. But what if there was a more comprehensive form of healing? Fortunately there is, and you can find here at Olympic Spine & Sports Therapy. Here are the top five benefits of receiving comprehensive care with our pain management clinic.

  1. Custom Care – Getting care that has been tailored to fit the needs of your recovery means that you not only get individualized attention, but you can trust that your therapist and doctor are paying attention to the details of your injury as well.
  2. Drug Free Pain Relief And Neuropathy- After an injury occurs, or you have surgery, you are going to be in pain. We believe that we can bring you relief without the use of pain meds. With our peripheral neuropathy treatment, we can help with cramping and burning, and other pains associated with your injury.
  3. Under One Roof – Because all of our doctors and therapists are under one roof, we can easily work together on your recovery plan.
  4. Massage Therapy – While there are many forms of pain relief here at Olympic, we offer work with a massage therapist to help you manage pain.
  5. Physical Therapy – As we work to help you manage your pain, we’ll have you work with a physical therapist to get you back to optimal health, and help keep it that way.

There’s a reason we’re Edmonds Top Rated Local® Pain Management Clinic, and it’s because we take time with each individual that walks through our door. Every patient we work with gets more than comprehensive care, they get doctors and therapists that are committed to providing extraordinary pain management services. If you’re in need of pain relief or physical therapy, please don’t hesitate to contact our office!