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What’s The Best Way To Exercise Your Back?

May 18, 2018


Mark Shelley

Whether or not you’re having issues with your back, proper exercise can be extremely helpful. By working out, you’ll strengthen your lower back, stomach and leg muscles. But remember, there’s right and wrong ways to build up your back. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Back Exercises You Can Do

First, don’t do toe touches. By doing the standing toe touch, you can put greater stress on discs and ligaments in your spine. There’s also a chance that you can overstretch hamstrings and lower back muscles. Instead, try doing partial crunches, since they can help to strengthen stomach muscles and your entire back.

Also, avoid sit-ups as they can put lots of pressure on the discs in your spine. Another great exercise is the hamstring stretch. Just lay on your back and bend one knee. Loop a towel under the ball of your foot. Slowly straighten your nee, then gradually pull back on the towel. You’ll feel a gentle stretch on the back of your leg. Hold it for 15-30 seconds and do this 2-4 times for each leg.

Stay away from lifting both legs while on your back. Lifting both legs can be demanding on your core. Instead, while lying down, keep one leg straight and the other bent at the knee. While you keep your lower back fat on the floor, slowly lift the straight leg up about 6 inches in the air and briefly hold it. Lower the leg slowly, repeat it 10 times, then switch legs.

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