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Workplace Wellness Part II

April 30, 2018


Mark Shelley

Maintaining a healthy balance in everything you do is vital to living a positive lifestyle. Not doing so can result in chronic pain such as headaches from stress, and many other problems like neck pain. Let’s talk about workplace wellness. 

In our last blog we discussed just how you can make your workplace and workstation a healthy environment, that serves your health and wellness everyday. Some tips that were keeping a clean and ergonomic desk space, as well as giving your legs and eyes a break from that desk. Here are just a few more tips for maintaining workplace wellness.


  1. Avoid snacking – Sitting at a desk often warrants getting an appetite for sweet and salty snacks. If you simply can’t resist, pack healthy snacks like fruit and nuts to help curb your appetite.


  2. Drink water – While drinking a lot of water at work may cause you to make frequent trips to the bathroom, it’s important that you stay hydrated throughout the day. Especially because we know how much coffee you’re drinking as well.
  3. Schedule a therapeutic massage – Get yourself a therapeutic massage to ensure relaxation. Schedule one, once per week during your lunch hour, so that you can take time for relaxation and wellness throughout your day. 

Getting a massage, eating healthy and drinking water are sure fire ways to keep healthy. Not only is is convenient because you can do it at work, but it will make you feel better in every way in the long run. In addition to a massage, schedule a chiropractic adjustment with your chiropractor today.