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Workstation And Wellness

Today’s blog is somewhat of an extension of our last blog series where we talked about maintaining a healthy work station for wellness. We discussed how the angle of your computer screens and desk and chair can have an effect on your back, and if not properly adjusted, it could cause chronic pain. We also talked about how your workstation should be individualized for you, and we want to continue the discussion about personalized wellness within your office and daily habits.

Here are some additional tips for workstation wellness while working a desk job:

  1. Take a walk – Sitting at a desk for eight hours straight can cause a body to be restless. Help yourself avoid back pain and take a walk.
  2. It can also make your mind restless which means you’ll lose focus. It’s a great way to give your mind a break, while also getting your body to move around and stay loose.
  3. Relax your eyes. If you have the chance, we recommend practicing the 20-20-20- rule. This means that every 20 minutes, you take 20 seconds to look at something that is 20 yards away. This will relieve your eyes and relieve stress on your mind as well.

There are many possibilities for staying well while at work. If you have the chance, on your lunch break, once a week, get a chiropractic adjustment and keep your back pain in check, and your neck in good health.

Stay tuned to our next blog, for even more tips on adding to your workplace wellness. In the meantime, if you need to speak to someone about your backpain due to an office job, call us or book a consultation today!