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How To Improve Back Pain

May 18, 2018


Mark Shelley

Roughly 80% of Americans will experience back pain or a problem with their backs at some point during their lifetime. Odds are, you will be one of those people. The conventional wisdom with back pain preaches that, if you’re experiencing discomfort, you should relax and maybe wear a back brace. Believe it or not, that won’t do you too much good. Instead, here’s a few tips to reduce the aches.

What Can I Do to Relieve My Neck Pain?

First, one of the best treatments is to get up and get moving. While you want to avoid the motion that gave you pain in the first place, moderate exercise can help. Avoid strenuous exercise-instead, get out and go for a walk. It gets you out of a sitting posture and places your body in a neutral and upright position.

Next, maintain good posture. Ever have your parents yell at you to sit up straight? Turns out they were right all along. By keeping the right amount of curvature in the spine, you can avoid short and long-term problems.

Also, work on strengthening your core and improving flexibility. The core is a group of muscles working in tandem. If some areas are weak, others need to pick up the slack. When your abdominals gain strength, it takes pressure off the lower back. With flexibility, too much tightness and tension can cause tension. By increasing flexibility, you can place an equal load throughout the body.

Find a Professional 

Finally, contact us. As your local chiropractor in Lynnwood, WA, we can not only provide treatment, but assist with individualized exercise plans.

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