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Tips For A Healthy Work Station Part II

Welcome back! In our last blog, we talked about a few different ways that you can create a healthy work environment. How adjusting your desk and chair can have a great impact on your back and back pain, just by adjusting the height so you can comfortably sit with your arms at a 90 degree angle. We also talked about how not resting your feet on the ground could lead to chronic pain. Here are a few more tips for you to create a healthy work station.


It should be understood that everyone is different, so everyone will have different needs. Making sure that you tend to your personal needs is important to consider when creating a good workstation.


Having good lighting around your computer is important for the health of your eyes, and will help prevent headaches as well.


Having a cluttered work space can cause you stress without you knowing it. It’s important that you keep your work area clean, as this added stress can turn into neck pain, as well as back pain.


Making sure your screens are at the proper height is important for preventing neck pain. You should have it adjusted so that you can look straight ahead at your screen, rather than down or up at it, can help to prevent bad neck pain.

Make sure that you’re doing good things for yourself at your workstation. A desk job can take a toll on your health that you wouldn’t know you had until you started experiencing chronic pain. To keep your neck and back in good shape, contact your local chiropractor for a chiropractic adjustment today.