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Tips To Relieve Back Pain By Stretching

May 18, 2018


Mark Shelley

Dealing with constant back pain is a nightmare. Whether you’re in an office job, dealing with health issues or you’ve sustained an injury, you know that it’s no fun having to deal with that constant ache. But before you reach for the ibuprofen, try this. By stretching out soft tissues, such as tendons, muscles and ligaments, over time pain can be relieved. Don’t forget that the spinal column and all its accompanying muscles are designed to move, and limiting movement can actually make things worse. We’re your local chiropractor for Edmonds, WA, and we’d like to offer a few tips for better stretching.

First, make sure to wear comfortable clothes, and try to avoid baggy garments that can bind you up. Make sure you stretch on a surface that’s clean, flat and large enough to allow freedom of movement. When you do stretch out, always remember that stretching is supposed to be pain free. Never force your body into an awkward or uncomfortable position, since you can end up doing more damage to yourself. Instead, ease into the stretch slowly. Try to avoid bouncing, since that motion can actually tear your muscles. Make sure to hold your stretch for approximately 20-30 seconds, which will give your muscles enough time to loosen up. Repeat the stretch between 5-10 times.

Lastly, if you’re dealing with back pain, don’t attempt these stretches until speaking with your physician or physical therapist. As a patient of ours, we can create an individualized exercise and stretching plan just for you.

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